Natural vs. Stylized Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading can be used to create virtually any shape or color of eyebrows. When selecting a microblade artist, one of the most important considerations is that the artist understands the results that the client wants. There is also the question of whether the artist is technically capable of giving the client their desired eyebrow look.

At Brows By Bodine, the most frequent client request is for brows that look “natural”. This is my specialty. However, not every client wants natural. Some clients want a more stylized, dramatic brows. In general, natural microblading is designed to look like the person has full, youthful brows. Stylized microblading is intended to replicate the type of eyebrow look that can only be achieved with makeup.

Natural brows have a feathered outline.

Natural eyebrow microblading leaves space between the hair strokes, to create the effect of natural moderate density.

The brows should be a color that is similar to the undertones of the client’s hair. (Brows shouldn’t match the highlights, or be much deeper than the undertones).

  • Stylized brows have a defined outline.
  • They are more filled in, either with tightly spaced strokes, or with shading
  • The color is often deeper, and more dramatic
  • Stylized brows look like the client used makeup products to fill in and define the brows.


If a client goes with a natural microblading style, they always have the option of adding a brow powder to add intensity, if they are dressing up and wearing a dark, smoky eye. In general, the brow should be a complementary frame to the eye. If a person wears minimal, or moderate eye makeup, it makes sense to have a lighter, more natural brow. If the eyes are made up with dramatic smoky intensity, the brows should be made deeper to match. The benefit of going with a natural style microblading is that the client can have a natural look most of the time, and easily add intensity with a brow powder if they are making up for a special event.

....Microblading can be used to enhance an existing eyebrow, fill in an eyebrow that has less density due to hair loss, or that is not visible because of blonde or gray hairs. Microblading can create eyebrows from scratch, for a client who has total hair loss from Alopecia, thyroid conditions, or age related eyebrow thinning. The Brows by Bodine studio is located in the North Dallas area.

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