Microblading for Redheads

At Brows By Bodine, we mix our microblade pigments for each client. This means that we can match virtually any hair color that the client wants. This is especially important for redheads, because pre-mixed pigments often lack adequate color options in the red-tones.

There are significant tonal differences in the range of redhead colors, and since the skin-tone affects the final result of microblade pigments, it is important to have a full spectrum of colors to get the optimum result.

There are a couple factors to consider when choosing the right pigment color for a redhead’s brows:

Warm colors fade more quickly than neutral or cool tones. Frequent sun tanning speeds up this process even more. This means that redheads who want lighter, warmer brows, will need more frequent touchups. Mixing some neutral brown into the brow color will help the color last longer, and minimize future touch-up sessions.

....Microblading can be used to enhance an existing eyebrow, fill in an eyebrow that has less density due to hair loss, or that is not visible because of blonde or gray hairs. Microblading can create eyebrows from scratch, for a client who has total hair loss from Alopecia, thyroid conditions, or age related eyebrow thinning. The Brows by Bodine studio is located in the North Dallas area.

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