Is Eyebrow Microblading Permanent?

Is Microblading permanent? Eyebrow microblading is a revolutionary technique that allows an artist to apply pigment just beneath the surface of the skin, in feather-like strokes that appear to be natural eyebrow hairs. Over time, the skin naturally exfoliates away, and the pigment gradually exfoliates along with it. This process usually takes a couple years. If the client comes in for a touch-up session approximately once per year, the brows can be maintained indefinitely. The time between touch ups varies from person to person. It is affected by the rate at which each person’s skin exfoliates, the thickness of the skin, the color used (darker colors require last longer), sun exposure (just like hair color, microblade pigments will lighten with significant amounts of sun exposure. This can be offset by applying sunscreen to the brow area, or by protecting them with sunglasses, etc…).

If your brows have thinned, lost their color, or completely disappeared due to natural aging, or health related issues… eyebrow microblading at Brows by Bodine could be one of the best gifts you have ever given yourself. Wake up each morning with beautiful, waterproof, effortless brows!

....Microblading can be used to enhance an existing eyebrow, fill in an eyebrow that has less density due to hair loss, or that is not visible because of blonde or gray hairs. Microblading can create eyebrows from scratch, for a client who has total hair loss from Alopecia, thyroid conditions, or age related eyebrow thinning. The Brows by Bodine studio is located in the North Dallas area.

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